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Layered Health combines technology, data and patient engagement to transform
the future of healthcare through proactive care management and modern tools.

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Modern Healthcare means doing more with less

Presenting CarePath Engagement by Layered Health

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Secure Patient Communication

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Automated High-Touch Follow-up

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Detect High-Risk

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More Complete Outcomes Data

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App & Device

Layered Health combines technology, data, and patient engagement to transform the future of healthcare. Through proactive care management and modern tools, our CarePath Engagement System helps physicians, specialty groups, and hospital systems differentiate care, improve adherence, get actionable outcomes information, and use technology to be successful in the new healthcare environment.

Our technology allows you to easily transfer your unique patterns and practices as a healthcare provider into automated care programs, follow-ups, and communications. Empowering patients with educated, gathering feedback, and engaging with them on modern platforms has proven to be successful in improving care.

83% of patients don’t follow treatment
plans given by their doctors.

42% of Americans feel they would be more likely
to follow their prescribed treatment plans if they received
encouragement and coaching from their doctors between visits.
- Kelton Research Study

Who We Serve

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Independent Practices

  • Better marketing; differentiation
  • Automate and enhance followup
  • Monitor clinical symptoms or recovery
  • Easily configure to practice’s workflow
  • Timely messaging based on real metrics
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Multispecialty Groups

  • Integration with mHealth devices
  • Create unique workflows for all specialties
  • Track outcomes across specialty
  • EMR/Practice Management Integration
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Health Systems/Hospitals

  • Patient portal integration
  • Advanced population analytics
  • Enterprise EMR Integration
  • Private label options

How are our clients using CarePath Engagement?


Diabetes Management


Wellness Programs

Nephrology & Hypertension

Orthopaedic Recovery

See how Orthopaedic practices are using CarePath Engagement to improve recovery

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